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Special terroir and SW orientation paired with the mild climate of East Istria and plantations of grapes dating back to the 60's ensure the ideal conditions which then embody all Dvorac Belaj wines. Dvorac Belaj winery was established in 2011 by the Belay family. From then on, the wine is produced only from the historical vineyard around the property. More on the Castle Belaj estate can be found at http://castlebelaj.com.
From 2016 production was also moved entirely into Belaj cellars valuing an estate where art of winemaking grew alongside the château, spanning over 5 centuries. This has been recognised by experts at domestic and international competitions where it repeatedly receives silver and golden medals, as well as wine lovers in five countries.
Over five centuries the castle and vineyard have grown together, enjoying benefits from the ideal position and microclimate of the estate.
Our wines
Each bottle is instilled with grace of long winemaking tradition, expert craftsmanship and knowledge of our devoted team striving for excellence.

To us, Dvorac Belaj wines are a product of passion and distinction, to be passed on to new generations with pride.


Hay yellow colour of this wine, along with its clarity and density, commence the story of its origin.

Fine and accentuated scent, dominated by Malvasia notes. Plethora of white flowers, vanilla, dandelion notes, cardamom, but also white pepper make this wine seductive and aromatically complex.

One can taste the position of Belaj in this wine. Bone dry, elegantly warm and soft and, at the same time, tasty and mineral. Retronasally this wine confirms all the aromaticity, while the minerality and sensuality of white pepper notes further highlight its freshness.


This complex wine won 90 points at 2020 Decanter awards. It comes from historic vinyards of Castle Belaj, macerated for three days and aged one year in Slavonian big oak barrel.

This Malvazija is characteristic for its golden yellow colour and thickness.

On the nose, notes of white flowers, quince, mint and green tea can be distinguished, followed by vanilla and butter but also salty sea stone.

This full body wine is dry, salty with lots of freshness emphasizing the uniqueness of the terroir. The age potential is at least 10 years.


Malvazija Summer reveals its character and manner of ageing at once.

Short period of maceration and ideal maturity of grapes result in this wine's hay yellow color and significant density.

The first notes are those of fresh white flowers follwed by the scent of fresh apple with green skin and stone fruits.

This Malvazija is fresh and dry, while a small amount of residual sugar makes it fuller and more round. The refreshing acidity and warmth of alcohol create a perfect balance, while its minerality makes it even richer on the palate.

belaj blend

This is a wine of hay yellow colour, clear and dense with narrow wine tears which promise warmth and softness in the mouth.

This accentuated and fine smell is dominated by notes of meadow flowers, camomile and linden tea scents, along with impressions of vanilla and dandelion notes. It is then followed by aromas of yellow quince which clearly point to the complexity of this wine.

It is a dry wine, soft and warm, and at the same time fresh and tasty. With its medium to full body, this is a wine that lasts with a potential for ageing of at least three more years.



This wine is characteristic for its gentle and bright hues, greenish reflection and crystal clarity, making it irresistible at the very first sight.

Aromas of Chardonnay such as yellow apple and ripe pineapple are clear, while aromas of vanilla, but also wet sea rocks, contribute to its complexity.

This unforgettable wine at first leaves an impression of elegance and splendid balance between softness and warmth, followed by freshness and tastiness. It is a dry wine that stays on the tongue for a very long time, while the minerality, that accentuates its freshness, makes this Chardonnay a wine you can enjoy any time of the day.


Cuvée of Malvazija, Riesling and Muscat. The name reflects the very last harvest of Riesling and Muscat at the Castle Belaj estate. Perhaps the most rustical item in our range, very close to biodynamical producing principles.

This wine is characterized by its bright hay yellow colour.

As this wine aged in small acacia barrels, it leaves a strong fermentation flavour on the nose. After it sits for about 15 to 20 minutes, a variety of citrusy scents can be detected; especially those of orange and citrus peels as well as white grapefruit. There is also a refreshing presence of yellow flowers, some peach and tropical fruit.

This wine is dry, fresh, tasty, long lasting and pairs excellently with foods of high aromatic profile. The range of this cuvée is up to five years


The colour is ruby red with dark purple edges, this is a non-filtered and very thick wine..

On the nose it is very expressive, encompassing a wide range of aromas. At first, notes of red and black berries become apparent, along with violet and rose flowers, followed by strawberry and apricot jam. Meanwhile, we can feel touches of oregano and thyme. Finally, the last stroke brings us waves of roasted coffee, tobacco and dark chocolate..

This is a bone dry wine with high alcohol levels, but this is so well hidden, that one cannot describe in any way other than pleasant. It contains beautiful freshness and silky tannins, while the pleasant bitterness provide us with the distinct Belaj signature. With its full body, long finish and great balance, the age potential of this wine is 5-10 years, but it is ready to be enjoyed today.


This wine is characterised by its ruby red colour with lively reddish reflections and clarity.

The herbality of young Merlot and fruity notes of Pinot Noir are easily recognized in this wine's accentuated and fine scent. First impression brings us to wild strawberries, cherries and different red berries. While the bitterness of chocolate and coffee can be discerned, it is the fruit that dominates this cuvée.

Our cuvée is dry, warm and soft. It is also well balanced with gentle tannin structure and freshness. This is a wine that doesn't instantly reveal its aromaticity. It is precisely this full body and good structure that distinguish the white earth Pinot Noir found on Belaj.


Characteristics of pinot noir wine variety, along with the unique Belaj signature, create an excellent example of the term terroir in this textured, layered and bright wine.

This exquisite Pinot Noir Pinot Noir offers a wide variety of aromas, from fresh berries like blackcurrant and cherry.

Our pinot noir is elegant with and medium-bodied, aged 12 months in Slavonian oak with the characteristic aromatic spectrum recognized in any pinot noir worldwide. Istria is a land of truffles, and at Belaj estate we produced this wine, that, with its aromaticity, but also notes of forest carpet – and freshness of raspberries and wild strawberries – can be exquisitely paired with such a challenging ingredient such as a truffle.


This wine, first Dvorac Belaj rosé, is produced from pinot noir.

Its colour is that of royal salmon.

This unique wine contains aromas of raspberries, ripe strawberries and rose petals.

This subtle-bodied dry wine is delicious and light. When properly cooled, it can be consumed as an exquisite aperitif or be served with a seafood starter.


    You can enjoy our wines in all leading wine bars and restaurants in Croatia. If you would like to know more, please don't hesitate to contact us.


    • Vrutak, Vodovodna 20A
    • Miva galerija vina, ulica grada Vukovara 56A i ulica Nikole Tesle 11
    • Vinoteka Vintesa, Vlaška ulica 63
    • Witrina, Vlaška ulica
    • Moments, Masarykova ulica 9
    • ...
    The Coast
    • Dvorac Belaj Winery, Belaj 20a, Cerovlje
    • Gastro Croatia, Priko 16 i 17, Mali Lošinj
    • Bootlegger's Store, Na Škaji, Murter
    • Angels Products, Ulica Gradska Vrata 18, Novigrad
    • Manufaktura, Ulica maršala Tita 112, Opatija
    • Keti Natura Istria, Ulica maršala Tita 153, Opatija
    • Aura Shop, Korzo 3, Rijeka
    • Aura Shop, Obala Frane Supila 10, Volosko
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    Our wines are sold in Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Russia. Please contact us for further information.

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